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square shade, Lodge stencil

The Mica Lampshade Tradition

Mica lampshades date back to the earliest electric lamps used in this country. They continued to appear through 1930's. They are a typical element of the settings we envision when discussing Mission, Arts & Crafts and Bungalow interior design. These dramatic shades graced table lamps, floor lamps, ceiling chandeliers and wall sconces.

Our mica shades are made in Oregon in small numbers and entirely by hand. We offer traditional and contemporary shade designs, in five colors of mica: amber, dark amber, stained amber, and "white" (sometimes called "silver"), and "green" (similar to "white" in a slightly smoky green). See all colors here. The light from the bulb is further softened with a translucent finish applied to the interior of each mica lamp shade.

Our stenciled designs are adaptations taken from circa 1900-1930 pattern books, textiles or other period art pieces. Art Deco and Art Nouveau elements often occur in these patterns. We can also work with you to create a traditional or modern stencil design, or duplicate a shape and design from an existing original lampshade.

The rustic nature of mica also lends itself well to new handmade wood or iron lamps, and is as appropriate for Lodge or Cabin decor interiors as it is for the Arts and Crafts, Mission and Bungalow styles.

Our production of mica lampshades grew from an appreciation of antique lighting and a continued search for appropriate shades. We studied antique mica lampshades, finally made our own, and loved doing it. And now we make them for you...

We offer custom-made mica lampshades for every kind of lighting. Follow these links for examples, some with dimensions and pricing:




Chandeliers, Sconces

Half-shades (Shields)

Still looking for ideas? The link below will take you to a page of unpriced numbered images of a huge variety of custom work:

Photo Album

In addition, we can create mica cylinders or other mica pieces for existing shades, and replicate antique shades.

We will create the exact shade you are looking for.

reproduction from parchment shade

round chandelier shades