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At MICASHADES you can order custom sized mica lampshades. You can choose sizes as shown in our examples, make slight changes to one or more dimensions or create a whole new type of shade. Our prices are for custom shades with our stencil designs, which can also be customized in size and color.

Approximately 3-4 weeks are required to complete orders, largely due to the time needed for custom frame production.

Shade Design See below for information about designing your mica lampshade.

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Lampshade Construction
Hand-cut pieces of mica are applied to a steel wire frame to create our lampshades. Each flat mica panel or facet involves precision cutting and edge finishing, all done by hand. Mica is heated and formed to create curves. Seams and edges are finished with handcut, handcolored, archival, textured paper. The seam finishes are mitered at corners, and otherwise custom-fit to your lampshade design.

Paper seams and edges produce an extremely secure and integrated finish, create a light-weight lampshade, and offer endless possibilities for color. Metallic colors in edge finish can be anything from copper, gold, steel gray, antiqued brass and more. We can also match the seam color to the mica color, or to any other color.

Frame Shape
Using custom made frames we can offer you a shade of nearly any shape, including single curves. We can create the lampshade you need for your lamp, wall sconce, hanging light, or just about any type of lighting. Shades can be round, oval, square, hexagon, octagon, cut-corner square, cove-corner square, flared at the bottom, include a dropped edge at the bottom, and more.

Curved panels, or round and oval shades all involve heating and molding the mica. Rounds and ovals are usually created in two or more sections with vertical seams on the sides, except for small round chandelier shades, which are done in one piece of mica with one seam.

Frame Size
In addition to the shade shape you must determine the dimensions of the top and bottom and the shade height you need for your lamp. Dimensions of top and bottom are measured point to point on equal sided shades. Height is measured straight down from the highest point of the shade to the level of the bottom edge, not along the angle of the shade sides. Irregularly shaped shades may require a sketch with dimensions marked.

Lamp Attachment
Lampshades can have:
-a bulb clip attachment (clips are available to fit a standard sized light-bulb, or a flame shaped bulb with standard base, or a chandelier bulb),
-a screw-top fitting (held onto the lamp by the finial),
- a bridge lamp fitting, also called a uno fitting (screws onto the lamp socket above the bulb),
-a diffuser ring (rests on top of a glass coneshaped diffuser on some floorlamps).

Other types of attachments can be improvised as needed.

Mica Color: We stock two colors of amber mica: standard amber and dark amber. (These colors vary somewhat depending on the color of natural shellac available when the sheets are manufactured.) Most of the amber lampshades you see on this site are created with standard amber. Dark amber is typically slightly more of a brown tone and less red than standard mica.

In addition to ambers, we offer a lighter, almond colored mica we refer to as silver or white mica.

We usually add a sheer paint wash to the inside of our shades, which further diffuses the light from the bulb.

Stencil Design
Most of the stencil designs we use can be sized for any shade shape and size. Follow image links on this page or on our home page to see more examples of our stencils on lampshades and to identify stencils by name. Shades can also be created with no stenciling or with custom designs.


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