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MICASHADES Frequently Asked Questions:

What can I expect to pay for shipping?
You pay only the actual insured mail cost plus $10 for our shipping materials and careful packing. We use the U.S. Postal Service unless you ask for another method. (We have never had a shade arrive damaged!)

Do you ship internationally?
Absolutely! We have customers in all parts of Canada, we have shipped repeatedly to New Zealand and we are happy to ship to any other countries.

How long does it take to get a shade completed and shipped to me?
We have the shade frames made to order to your specifications in California. It takes about 2-3 weeks for us to receive a frame and another week or so to complete the shade. (We do stock frames for some bridgelamp shades.)

Do you accept charge cards?
We use Paypal to accept online payment by charge card. You do not have to be registered with Paypal in order to use their secure service and they accept most cards. When your shade order is ready to ship we calculate mail costs and email you a Paypal invoice. Upon receipt of payment the shade is shipped.

Are there payment alternatives to Paypal?
We have found Paypal to work well, but occasionally a buyer prefers to pay by check. This is a choice--just let us know.

Can I order shades in sizes not shown on the website?
Website images and specifications are for your information only; ALL our frames are made to order, so yes, YOU specify all dimensions. Prices are for custom shades using our current stencils. If our price guidelines don't include your shade specifications or are otherwise not clear we are happy to email a cost.

Can I suggest a stencil design?
Yes! We work with custom stencils (adds a bit of cost), as well as custom stencil colors for existing designs (no added cost).

I want to call and talk about my project but I need a phone number.
Send an email and we are happy to share the cell number with you or call the number you send us.

Will a lampshade in another color of mica cost more than amber?
No, mica color will not affect the cost.

Can I specify color for the seam and edge trim?
Yes! The trim material is hand-colored. Micashades website images usually show metallic bronze trim colors, or dark brown. Sometimes the trim color is matched to the mica, especially in the case of white/silver mica. The choice is yours. For more about color see the Shade Design page.

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